Reference materials and links

Although conference sessions were not recorded, we are sharing some of the presentation materials and related web links with the consent of the presenters and panelists. Please click the links below to access the materials. 



Wednesday, June 15 Programming:


Cultural Sector Perspectives on the Role of Organizations in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (Presentation)


The inclusion of people with disabilities in the performing arts sector (Presentation)


Social Innovation and EDI: The transformation of the Diefenbaker Canada Centre (Presentation)


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Canada’s National Ballet School: Learnings and Experiences to Date (Presentation)


The Role of Post-Secondary Institutions in Addressing EDI in the Arts (Panel)

  • No materials available


The Power of Community-Initiated Research (Panel)


Challenges and solutions to equity, diversity and inclusion issues facing cultural organizations (Panel)

  • No materials available


Cultural Rights and Cultural Industries – Obligations and Opportunities (Presentation)

  • Presentation slides unavailable


Writers Guild of Canada 2021 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Report (Presentation)


Canada Council for the Arts: Approaches to Equity in Research, Evaluation and Performance Measurement (Presentation)


Reshaping Theatre Inclusion (Panel)


Reflections: Working with Organizations Toward Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Access (Panel)

  • No materials available


Thursday, June 16 Programming:



Access, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (ADEI) in Cultural Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities (Presentation)


Equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives in the administration and editorial policies of Canadian book publishers (Presentation)

  • Presentation slides unavailable


Understanding Civic Impact Through the Lens of Indigenous Cultural Knowledge (Presentation)


Closing the Gap in Canada’s Live Music Industry (Panel)


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility; Demystifying Organizational Policy Writing (Presentation)


Reimagining Funding (Panel)


Universal accessibility of museums: a balance between aestheticism and human encounter (Presentation)

  • Presentation slides unavailable


Broadening collection practices for greater inclusion in art museums (Presentation)

  • Presentation slides unavailable


EDI as a driver of change: when the municipality makes a difference (Presentation)

  • Presentation slides unavailable


What does the future hold for EDI in the cultural sector? (Panel)

  • No materials available


The Road Ahead for the Visual Arts, Heritage, and Cultural Spaces (Panel)

  • No materials available


The Brilliance and Realities in Rural and Non-Urban Communities (Panel)

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